What Happens To Salt Marsh At High Tide?

It may look like this, especially at a neap tide.


But at a spring high tide it may  look like this




Yes the saltmarsh is completely submerged.


If saltmarsh is submerged for days, weeks or months it will eventually die.


But when it is just submerged at spring high tides the mud (or sediment) in the sea water
gets deposited on the saltmarsh and causes it to rise very slightly.


In the UK it is sometimes said that rising sea levels kill saltmarsh, but this is only true if sea levels
are rising faster than the saltmarsh can rise from sedimentation.


About Jeremy Shiers

Father of 4. Writes and talks to show others that using science and maths is easy and can be fun. It is also sometimes useful if you need to check what you being told is true. Makes sense to help your children learn too. Other times often found in garden or down by the sea. http://jeremyshiers.com http://twitter.com/JeremyShiers http://facebook.com/JeremyShiers
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